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enableHR is a cloud-based HR solution that makes it easier to manage your people and make sure HR is done right. Our legislatively-backed and content-rich software supports franchise managers in end-to-end best practice management of employment obligations, making it easy to stay complaint with the latest employment legislation in New Zealand. Neatly integrated with the employment management system is the enableHR safety management system, designed in line with the directives of the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015.

We work with franchises who want a structured HR and H&S framework . enableHR supports compliance-based practises across a franchise system by ensuring Franchisees have access to up-to-date employment contracts, guides and templates, and tools to audit and monitor compliance. We are the preferred HR solution for the Australian Retail Association supporting hundreds of stores and brands with people management. NZ references available on request.

If you are interested in exploring best practice HR solutions for your franchise that will provide you with the assurance that employment obligations are adhered to ,and an insight into employee and safety management across your franchise, give us a call!


Manoj (Mon) Patel
mxp@enablehr.com  027 236 2253
Website: https://www.enablehr.co.nz


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