Buying a Franchise - Getting Expert Advice

It is important that you utilise the skills of experienced franchise specialist advisors prior to making the decision to buy a franchise.  Ask your adviser if they are a member of the Franchise Association of NZ Inc.
The advisors that are most relevant here are:

  • Franchise Specialist Accountant 
  • Franchise Specialist Lawyer
  • Franchise Bank Manager

Remember when choosing a professional advisor that, because they are providing you with advice on a life decision, the decision on who to choose is an important one. Talk to a few different advisors, see who you feel you can relate to and who demonstrates that they understand the role you require of them.

Affiliate Members

The Franchise Association has a comprehensive list of Affiliate Members who adhere to the Code of Ethics and Rules of the Association and have been independent checked prior to being approved as a member.

Seek out advisors who are experienced in franchising and check their experience before deciding to use them. 

You can obtain a list of Franchise Association Affiliate Member contact details from the Franchise Association's offices or refer to the 'Members Listing' on this Website.

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