Benefits of Membership

Franchisors, Franchisees and Affiliates can gain much from membership to the Association. Apart from the significant marketing advantage of being able to use the Association's logo as a sign of credibility, membership also opens up a whole range of opportunities to advance your knowledge and learn from the experience of others. This is a unique advantage not available to non-member franchise systems.

Members of the Franchise Association are the franchise professionals, committed to uphold 'Best Practice in Franchising' and the Association works hard to promote the benefits of dealing with members both for those looking to purchase a franchise and also to gain professional advice.

The benefits of membership include:


High profile credibility is achieved through use of the Franchise Association Member's logo. This identifies you as a member of the Franchise Association of New Zealand and allows you to exploit the competitive advantages offered by the Association's 'Don't Sign Without This Sign' campaign which it promotes at every opportunity including Franchise New Zealand Website & Magazine.

Members receive the logo for inclusion on their website, letterheads, business cards, brochures, disclosure documents, advertisements and other appropriate material.

Other member representation provided by the Association includes:

  • A Membership Certificate for framing and display at members' offices
  • Promotion of members only to public inquiries to the Association's office
  • Promotion of members on the Franchise Association's website linked to a complimentary standard directory listing on Franchise New Zealand. 


The Franchise Association provides a collective voice to the media to help ensure that franchising is properly promoted and its image is enhanced. The Association is also a member of the World Franchise Council and the Asia Pacific Franchise Confederation where it maintains a two-way flow of communication about issues around the world for the benefit of members.

Government Advocacy

As the peak body for the franchise community in New Zealand, the Association makes representations to Government on issues of concern to the franchise community including such issues as proposed legislation; new business support programmes and business taxation. From time to time the Association conducts email surveys of members on key issues to gain valuable feedback prior to making a submission.


Regular newsletters keeping members updated on topical issues and events relating to franchising and the associations. 

Regular Industry Events

Regular meetings of the Franchise Association are held throughout New Zealand offering many opportunities to network, share and learn from other franchise colleagues with similar experiences to your own.

Conferences & Seminars

The Association organises an Annual Conference to educate  members on a wide range of franchise specific topics and runs seminars on topics of particular interest.

Special Member Rate

Membership entitles you to a Special Member Rate at the Annual Franchise Conference and at Franchise Association events around the country.

Westpac Franchise Awards

Only members are entitled to enter the prestigious Westpac Franchise Awards held under the internationally recognised Malcolm Baldridge Business Excellence Criteria. Success in these Awards not only enhances your reputation, but also provides an excellent way to have your business independently reviewed.


The Franchisor's Guide or The Franchisee's Guide is available to all new members on request. These Association publications contain valuable information for members operating or developing franchise systems.

Click here to go to the "How to Join" page that contains the guides to application and necessary forms.

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