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New Zealand Franchisor's Guide 3rd Edition

Written for the Franchise Association of New Zealand Inc by one of New Zealand's most experienced franchise consultants, this vital guide takes you through the necessary stages in franchising your business. It pays to get it right at the beginning, so start by buying this book.

Contents include:

  • What is Franchising? 
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Franchising
  • Can I Franchise My Business?
  • Strategic Planning
  • Systems Development
  • Preparing the Franchise Agreement
  • Preparing and presenting the Franchisee Recruitment Package
  • Recruiting Franchisees
  • Establishing New Franchisees
  • Maintaining a Franchise
  • Making Your System Grow
  • The Future of Franchising
  • The Franchise Association of New Zealand

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New Zealand Franchisee's Guide

This guide is designed particularly to help prospective franchisees understand the implications of franchising and guide you through the process of selecting the right franchise for you. We have also included guidelines for the ongoing operation of your franchise business, so that franchisees remain focused on success in your business at the most critical time i.e. once you are running it.

Contents include:

  • Introduction to Franchising
  • Advantages & Disadvantages of Franchising
  • Choosing a Franchise
  • Key Questions to Ask
  • Obtaining Finance
  • The Franchise Agreement
  • Key Ingredients For Operating A Successful Franchise
  • Franchise Association of New Zealand Inc.
  • Summary Checklists

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Profitable Partnerships by Greg Nathan

This book from the renowned Franchise specialist Greg Nathan is full of useful information on how to reduce stress, improve communication and get other people to listen to your point of view. You will learn how, not only to develop profitable relationships with your franchisor or franchisee, but also with your staff, spouse and even your children. 

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The Franchise E-Factor by Greg Nathan

The Franchise E-Factor Model has helped thousands of franchisors, franchisees and franchise advisors around the globe to better undersatnd why franchise relationships inevitably become strained. In this book, developer of the Franchise E-Factor - Greg Nathan, provides franchisors with over 130 practical strategies for moving franchisees through the six stages of the frnchise E-Factor into the interdependent 'we' stage. 

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Improving Field Visits by Greg Nathan

This book from renowned franchise specialist Greg Nathan is full of hundreds of ideas and practical strategies to ensure your field visits really count.

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Franchise New Zealand magazine

For 25 years, Franchise New Zealand has been the primary source for those looking for reliable information on franchise opportunities and the franchising sector in this country. Its magazine and massive website provide quality advice and news on franchising as well as 'how-to' articles, business profiles and New Zealand's most comprehensive directory of franchise opportunities and advisors.

The magazine is endorsed by the Franchise Association of New Zealand.

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