FANZ Auckland Branch Breakfast 20 August

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The Para Rubber Story - 100 Year Kiwi Icon


Vaughan Moss has worked in franchising ranging from buying groups through cooperatives and full services franchises, and with his partners, owns the 100 year old Kiwi icon, Para Rubber.
He will take us through the journey of Para Rubber and in particular the changes that have become necessary to thrive in the current retail market.
Para is a small franchise but a big brand, and needs to look like a national brand. But, as a franchisor, it needs to be profitable and Vaughan will discuss strategies that they use to ensure both profitability and relevance as a small fish in a large pond.
This will be of particular interest to franchisors and especially smaller ones, and he will look at how to sustain and grow an iconic brand

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Time:  7.00am - 8:45am

Date:   Wednesday,  20th August 2014

Level 1, 101 Curran Street, Auckland

Venue: Royal NZ Yacht Squadron
Starting: 7:00 AM
Wednesday 20th August 2014
Ending: 8:45 AM
Thursday 21st August 2014
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