James Phillips

Head of Franchise – ASB Bank Limited

My primary focus on the FANZ Board is to strive to ensure franchising in New Zealand is consistently recognised as a successful contributor to the economy both in NZ and globally.


I have been involved in the franchise sector since 1996 and during this time, I have been an active FANZ member representative of two major Banks. I have enjoyed participating in many events and have witnessed the franchise sector grow and improve significantly.


I believe the past 21 years has given me a sound understanding of the benefits franchising can bring to all stakeholders. I feel Franchising in NZ is well placed for continued growth and provide people seeking self-employment with more proven pathways into business. I believe that an increased level of constructive collaboration by all parties involved in franchising to share best practice and success will lead to more success for all stakeholders.


My career spans 34 years of banking including over 20 years working directly in supporting and financing the SME business market in NZ where of course the majority of franchising occurs. From 1996 to 2003 I was part of the franchise team at the then National Bank. In 2003 I joined ASB to develop and lead its strategy and business development in the franchise sector. I look forward to using my experience dealing with franchisors and franchisees to assist FANZ to reach new levels of success.