David Dovey

The FANZ Board represents franchised systems in New Zealand and I feel strongly that it should always have considerable Franchisor representation, this is what I can bring. The Board is vital for the ongoing health of franchising in NZ. We as a group need to continue to look forward and ensure franchising stays as a leader in business direction and growth through strong governance from the Board.

Exceed has been restructured in New Zealand, allowing me to have time available to add my passion and skills in franchising back into the association that has helped me achieve my goals. I have been on a range of Boards from motor-racing to franchise governance in developing an international system and hold a Certificate in Company Directorship, IOD. I would like to share my passion and experience on the Board from a Franchisor perceptive.

As a Franchisor of Exceed Franchising I have a passion of guidance and support of others towards their success. With 29 years in business and 25 of them in Franchising I have built a successful franchise system covering New Zealand and now launched in Australia. Success can only be achieved as a team effort and I share this with groups I work with by sharing my philosophy of;

“The sum total of our business is the drive and inspiration of our people
With excellent systems provided success is inevitable for all”

Networking is a vital aspect of business both socially and business, all business leaders need to expose themselves to new ideas and views, ‘you don’t know what you don’t know!’ so the functions that bring together franchising leaders is an integral part of our association.

Ensuring that Franchising in New Zealand is a represented body politically, allow franchising to be represented and requested as a board of expertise in business management is vital.

My purpose as a board member would be to ensure that the franchisor voice is heard in discussions, to keep the open door policy with expertise in the field, relationship contacts, creative thinking with an entrepreneurial flair, International experience and a passion for the industry.